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Most of us absolutely love experimenting with our hair, be it going for that super short yet funky bob haircut or perhaps, getting those beautiful ash blonde highlights that perfectly complement the natural hair. However, only a small percentage of people actually end up going to their favorite salon and executing those crazy hair experiments. The most common and popular reason for this is none other than fear and hesitance.

It is completely natural to be unsure about leaving the fate of your hair in someone’s hands because well, let’s face it – hair plays an integral role in the overall appearance. However, sometimes, you have to trust all those hair maestros and gurus who are waiting to give your hair the ultimate transformation that will leave you in absolute awe. Sometimes, you have to let them do what they are truly best at.

The Best of the Best

Whether you want highlights, low lights, foil highlights, balayage, or ombré, take your pick- we do it all. Our award-winning hair color specialists and experts are some of the best of the entire lot in New York City who will leave you with all smiles and zero regrets.
All you have to do is head over to our salon, talk to our hair color expert team, tell them what you want and then simply wait for the magic to happen.

Our team of hair professionals carefully listens to you as you explain to them what technique you want to be used on your hair, what color combination you are looking for and the end result that you are expecting to see once their job is done. If, however, you are one of those who like to leave everything in the hands of the hair colorist, well, that is even better because our hair experts are excellent at pleasantly surprising their customers!

Beautiful Colors and Their Techniques

Here is a breakdown of the different hair color techniques that we excel at and how we do it.


This is quite a trending hair highlighting technique that has spurred a wave of interest among hundreds of women who are looking to give their hair a major color makeover. Balayage is also called ‘hair painting’ or ‘free-form’ technique since it is done freehand. This is considered to be a highly versatile hair coloring technique, given how it allows one to have a sun-kissed natural-looking hair color. If you are really big on sticking to natural and subtle hair colors, balayage is for you!

Ombré Highlights

This is very similar to balayage, except that in ombré highlights, the roots are given a darker color that gradually transitions into soft, beautiful shades towards the end. The final result is also more artistic, and since ombré means ‘two-toned’, you can achieve quite a dramatic look by going for a combination of two really bold colors.

Foil Highlights

As simple as this highlighting technique may appear to be, not everyone gets it right. Our team often begins by using lowlights in order to tone down and temper the entire frosted look. We strongly believe that lowlights greatly bring out the color of your eyes and skin and that the best kind of hair color is the one that never detracts from your natural complexion.

Color Correction

Are you unhappy with your current hair color because the last salon you went to kind of ruined it for you? Perhaps, you weren’t clear in explaining what you wanted or maybe the hair specialist misunderstood you. In either case, we are here to bring out of this major hair dilemma! Our team of hair experts is also particularly skilled at color correction techniques and will fix your wrong hair color before you know it!

So, are you ready to give your hair the biggest transformation of your life?