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How often have you thought of weaving your hair but ended up grimacing to yourself at the thought of those painful cornrows?

For those who don’t know, cornrows are a braiding technique in which all your hair is braided tightly and very close to the scalp. It produces a continuous kind of a raised row with the help of an upward and underhand motion.

Cornrows are also used in the hair weaving process in which your hair is first transformed into tight, bulky braids after which the hair extensions are sewn onto the braided hair. This entire process is best described as painful and extremely uncomfortable as it constantly pulls your hair into many small and stretched braided cornrows.

However, it is time to bid adieu to these traditional cornrows that are used in weaving for they have been replaced by the new micro-bead braid-less sew-in technique, which has created quite a wave in recent times.
This has been listed as the best option for hair extensions for a plethora of reasons that you will find below.

Fake but Natural

Hair extensions are obviously fake or artificial since you are adding ‘extra’ strands of hair that aren’t your own, to your real hair. But, one of the main reasons why this weaving technique has gained so much popularity is because it appears to be the most natural-looking of all.

The fact that micro-bead hair extensions don’t involve traditional cornrows, but instead use tiny and thin hair strands that are clamped to your real hair is what makes these extensions look so natural. They also lay flat due to the absence of bulky braids which makes them look like they are directly growing from your roots.

Utmost Ease and Versatility

Since your own natural hair remains unbraided underneath, this technique offers you great comfort, ease, and versatility. You can easily wash your hair, process it and treat it as your own even with the hair extensions installed inside.
These extensions also require the least amount of maintenance and are extremely easy to handle except for a few important requirements like combing them daily, washing them gently, etc.

Lightweight and Strain-Free

For most people, the idea of hair extensions is not just associated with pain, but also extreme heaviness and bulkiness. However, that was the case with the previous weaving technique that involved the use of cornrows and bulky braids.

With the new micro-bead weave extensions, your hair will not just feel super lightweight, but you will also feel zero tension or strain all over your head and hair. That is primarily because firstly, it is braid-less and it also doesn’t make use of harsh things like glue or tight clip-ins that would typically weigh your hair down.

Not just this but these hair extensions are also a healthier and less damaging option since they don’t inflict any hair loss or strain on the hair. They give a chance for your natural and real hair to grow without any ounce of weighted damage.

If you are still unsure or unconvinced, it is best to pay us a visit and see the magic of these hair extensions for yourself! And while you are at it, don’t forget to bid farewell to those painful cornrows.